is an open, community edited website, hosted on GitHub Pages. If you’re familiar with GitHub then the workflow is as normal:

When you do contribute, please add your details to _data/authors.yaml and be aware that by doing so you dedicate your work to the public domain.

New to GitHub Pages?

Compared to CAD or CAM software, this is really child’s play. The next few sections take you through all you need to know.

Forking the repository

To fork this project, sign up or log in to GitHub and then click the “Fork” button in the GitHub repository:

This will create a copy (a fork) of the repository under your GitHub account.

Making your changes

You can then add and edit files in your fork of the repository, either using git, or simply by editing files directly in the browser. The only difference between GitHub and “normal” editing is that when you make a change you will be asked for a commit message:

Write the commit summary as a short sentence and hit “commit”, e.g.:

Fixed typo in footer link.

Adding new content

The best way to add new content is to duplicate an existing page or post and then edit the content. For example, to add a new article:

  • navigate to the _posts/articles folder in your fork of the repository
  • click into an existing post, click the edit button and copy the content (select all and copy)
  • navigate back to the articles folder
  • clicking the small “create file” icon to add a new file

Follow the same naming convention as the existing files, which means:

  •, e.g.:

Then paste the content you copied from the existing file into the new file, edit the metadata at the top (keeping to the same obvious syntax) and edit the content of the post using Markdown. The first paragraph of the content is used by default as the listing description.


All pages and posts on the site are written in Markdown. This should be pretty easy to copy / understand by looking at the .md source files for existing pages and posts. For a syntax reference and guide, see the markdown documentation.

Submitting a pull request

When you’re happy with your changes, go to the main page for your fork of the repository and click the small “Compare and Review” button:

Click to create a pull request:

And send the pull request. Your content will be reviewed by the team and merged into the main website.

Help / Suggesting Changes

If you’re having problems or have suggestions for the site, please raise an Issue.