Massimo Menichinelli

Massimo is a designer who researches and develops open, collaborative, and co-design projects.

He uses design tools and processes in order to help companies, organizations, cities and local communities to develop open and collaborative processes, business, services, places and projects such as Open Design, Fab Lab and User-driven Open and Social Innovation initiatives. Massimo has given lectures and workshops in various countries including Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea and Singapore so far. He worked on the development of the Aalto Fab Lab, co- organized the first Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki and co-founded the Open Design Working Group at the Open Knowledge Foundation. He has lectured on Digital Fabrication and Open Design at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) and Open Design at SUPSI (Lugano, Switzerland) and Digital Fabrication at the Fab Academy (Opendot and WeMake, Milan, Italy). He has recently developed the MUSE Fab Lab (Trento, Italy) and facilitated the development of the Opendot makerspace/Fab Lab (Milan, Italy). He worked also as a Director at Make In Italy Italian CDB Foundation where he researched and facilitated Fab Labs and Makers in Italy.