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=> whereas open source is a property of a computer programme, one directly derived from the nature of computer programmes, that they’re written in source code and compiled to binary to be executed by a computer => open making is more analogous to collaborative development than open source => not synonymous with open hardware, or open product designs

  • open source is (if you’ll forgive the term) binary: it’s very easy to determine whether a product is open source or not. Do you have a copy of the source code? Does the license allow you to use, reuse, and redistribute it?
  • open making is fuzzy – and especially historically so

disclaimer: od dev, interest in the definition and understanding of the term (that’s why writing this!); but to be very clear: I am not writing this to claim that is or is not open source. I am a career long committed open source developer (OS repos; UNLICENSE credit, etc.) and as such I know what Open Source is. As it happens, carries both open source and proprietary designs and I’m very comfortable with that. What I am not comfortable with is being told that we’re not “Open Making” because some of our designs are under CC-NC licenses. That’s the fundamental misunderstanding that I’ve argued against here.

raw material supply / CAD tools: just as much part of the process